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Sharing Your Passion for Tea

Our Mission

Serve our customers the best tea, modern tea ware, and tea education on the planet. Sharing our customers passion for tea. 

 Our Guarantee

1. If you like your purchase...thank you very much,  tell everybody

2. If you don't, tell me and I will fix it. I promise.

Steve Walker


Our Story

Walker Tea started as an idea while riding through the cornfields of Southern Indiana for work. Not the most inspirational place for an idea but that's where it hit me while listening to an audio book about business and the entrepreneurial spirit.The author mentioned the rise in popularity of tea in the U.S. and the complexities of the drink. That's It. That's what I'll do. It was that simple and quick. I so engrossed in the idea I don't even remember the drive home.

I was drawn to the complexities of the drink and the exotic regions of the tea growing regions. I have since discovered there are 1,000's of teas and I have found some of the most inspiring tea ware on the planet. I mean who wouldn't want to travel to the deepest regions of China, Taiwan, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka and search for exotic teas with cool names like Dragon Well, 1st flush Darjeeling, and Genmaicha? 

So in 2013 I started my research on tea and tea ware, the tools to prepare a great cup of tea, and have discovered some amazing flavors in tea and some of the most creative tea ware artists in the world. It has been a fun adventure. On January 1, 2016 we opened our virtual doors at www.walkertea.com while our office is located in Louisville, KY. We started with a small but quickly expanding tea sampler selections and some of the coolest tea ware you can find. 

I feel more like a museum curator than a shop owner sourcing the finest teas and most artistic tea ware in the world and bringing them to one place for your pleasure. Our inventory will change often so keep in touch.

So, look around and see what you like and don't forget to stop by the gift shop at the end and make a purchase. 


Here to serve you,

Steve Walker